Why The Landrace Hops Matter

Landrace: a local variety of a species of plant or animal that has distinctive characteristics arising from development and adaptation over time to conditions of a localized geographic region.

The world has hundreds of hop varieties, but just a few can be called the original Landrace Hops. England has Golding and Fuggle from England. Germany has Tettnang, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Hersbrucker and Spalt. The Czech Republic has Saaz. France has Strisselspalt. North America has Cluster.

These are hops of their place, the place in which they first grew. A natural hybrid of two plants forming into a new one with new characteristics, adapting to its land and then coming to be a defining product of that land, then defining the local beer styles, and producing the distinct flavours and aromas of classic beer styles, that unique accent of one nation’s beer compared to their neighbour’s. That character begins with the hops.

Because of their pedigree, their quality, and their ability to thrive in their land, these hops were used to breed new varieties and today almost every hop in the world ultimately descends from these Landrace Hops.

Found by nature, formed into the everyday beers which have become the defining beers of a place, forged into traditions, and now famed for their fine flavours. We think all this makes the Landrace Hops the most important hops in the world.

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