The Hop Flavour & Aroma Wheel

So many of the most popular beers today have hops as their most prominent flavour and the BeerDredge HOP AROMA & FLAVOUR WHEEL is designed to help pick out some of the more prevalent qualities we might smell and taste in our beers.

Hop flowers are varietal, with each variety having its own distinct chemical composition which presents a wide range of different aromas, usually fruity, herbal, spicy and woody. When we smell citrus, for example, we’re smelling different chemical compounds which are in hops as well as in actual citrus fruits, and potentially hundreds of those chemical compounds produces our overall impression of a beer.

The flavours we perceive in a beer will be uniquely yours, and based on your own experience. The HOP AROMA & FLAVOUR WHEEL is intended to guide you towards finding the right words. For example, you might smell the beer as citrus. Then you might use the wheel to direct you towards a more specific ingredient, like grapefruit. You may even be able to get more exact, like grapefruit soda or roasted grapefruit. But if you’ve never tasted a grapefruit before, then you’ll experience something different.

Describing aromas and flavours can be challenging, so we’ve designed the BeerDredge BEER WHEELS to be a visual guide to make the tasting process easier, while improving overall knowledge and confidence of drinkers, and creating a base language for beer.

You can shop for the HOP AROMA & FLAVOUR WHEEL and the general BEER FLAVOUR WHEEL.