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BeerDredge is dedicated to beer education, and making it accessible and fun. With years of experience hosting beer training, Mark Dredge is one of Britain’s leading beer experts and educators. From short consumer online tastings to in-house staff training, beer masterclasses, flavour training, half-day workshops and multi-session beer education programmes, we can provide bespoke beer training for whatever you want to achieve. Some examples of the training offered.



This four-hour session is all about the flavour of beer: how we perceive flavour, where flavour in beer comes in, how to identify flavour and how to describe it. Within the session we go on an exploration of flavour and end with a detailed tasting of your beers. Where flavour training sessions often focus on negative and off-flavours, here we're celebrating the great flavours and all sessions are bespoke for your brewery. It's a great chance to have a team-building session which also includes a large amount of knowledge and education. 


Everything you ever wanted to know about beer. Consider this a foundation in beer knowledge, from its history, ingredients and brewing process, through to understanding how to taste and describe many different styles. Perfect for brewery staff and those who work in bars. All sessions are tailored to your requirements, whether starting at the basics, or looking to go much deeper into beer knowledge. These can run as a single session or a number of themed sessions. 


Want to hold a beer tasting for staff, clients or just with friends? We can arrange for tastings (held online or in person) for groups of 10+. Beers will be sourced and provided in advance, with the tastings and a talk lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 hours (all details discussed in advance). It's a great social event or team-building exercise.



If you're looking for an informative, engaging and entertaining talk about beer, or if you want some consultation help at your company (content, industry insight and guidance, marketing, brand analysis) then get in touch.


To enquire about these sessions, message

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