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The BeerDredge Flavour Wheels present a lexicon of the most common terms used to describe beer’s flavour and drinking characteristics, with the aim of improving beer communication, evaluation and education, whether in the brewery, the bar, or at home. 


These Flavour Wheels present the foundation of beer’s language. They are collected from, and developed with, industry experts and include source-based foods and plants, technical terms and relevant chemical compounds, plus where those qualities might come from. We've created a Hop Flavour Wheel, a Malt Flavour Wheel, a Fermentation & Maturation Flavour Wheel, a wheel each to show the specific aromas of different Hop and Malt Varieties, and there's the overall Beer Flavour Wheel.

The beer lexicon gives words to form a language, but our individual perceptions transform those words into stories and meanings, and for that reason the wheels encourage the drinker to apply their own terms and their own qualifiers, for example, is the lemon aroma like lemon zest, lemon marmalade or lemon cordial. 


The wheels are available in a variety of sizes, from coasters to posters, with the wheels available as standard in a set of six. Some versions are available in American English, but British English is the standard.

If you would like to enquire about different print sizes, language translations, ordering in bulk for your company, usage rights or purchasing the files for printing for your company's internal use, then please email If you would like to speak about developing a bespoke Flavour Wheels for your company's products – whether beer or another drink or food – then send us an email. We are working with brewers to develop specific Flavour Wheels for their key brands.

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