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We know that describing aromas and flavours can be challenging, and a visual guide like these beer wheels are designed to make the process easier, while improving overall knowledge and confidence of drinkers, and creating a base language for beer.


Whether you're drinking at home, you run a bar or taproom, or you’re a brewery wanting something to use in sensory analysis, these wheels are intended to be comprehensive in their approach to beer, and also visually appealing.

The BEER FLAVOUR WHEEL combines the key ingredients, drinking experience, appearance, and negative characteristics, while giving an origin to those qualities. This is an update on Mark Dredge’s original beer flavour wheel, designed in 2013.

The HOP AROMA & FLAVOUR WHEEL is a new design focused on hops, reflecting their prominence in the beers we drink. We’ve separated the aromas and flavours into categories, using language taken from numerous hop merchants.

We aim to produce a MALT & FERMENTATION WHEEL next. All beer is built upon the interaction of malt and yeast during fermentation, yet these can be some of the hardest flavours to identify in a beer.

The wheels are available in a variety of sizes, from coasters to A1 posters. They are available in British English and American English.

If you would like to enquire about different print sizes, language translations, usage rights or purchasing the files for printing for your company's internal use, then please email