The Beer Flavour Wheel

We know that describing aromas and flavours can be challenging, and a visual guide like the BeerDredge BEER FLAVOUR WHEELS are designed to make the process easier, while improving overall knowledge and confidence of drinkers, and creating a base language for beer.

What makes this BEER FLAVOUR WHEEL different to others is that it combines the key beer ingredients, drinking experience, appearance, and negative characteristics, making it about more than just the smell and taste of the beer; this takes in all the senses and how they work together to produce our overall impression of a beer.

What we perceive as the overall flavour of a beer is created by much more than just the hops we smell and the sweetness and bitterness we taste; the colour gives us clues about what to expect, while the mouthfeel changes our pleasure perception. Flavour is a combination of all of the senses, and it’s more than just a selection of fruits or baked goods, or scientific terminology.

We think this is an essential resource for beer drinkers. You can shop for the BEER FLAVOUR WHEEL and the HOP AROMA & FLAVOUR WHEEL.